Winwood College was established in January 2015, where we deliver Secondary Education from Form 1 – 6, offering academic and…

We are a leading provider of integrated educational solutions that address pupils’ desires to exploit every opportunity to …

Choosing a school for your son or daughter is a very important decision. In today’s fast-changing world, it is incredibly important…


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    Our laboratories are well equipped to standard so as to ensure that all our pupils…

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    We offer world class computer competency programs designed to equip your…

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    Food and nutrition

    We all love the taste of good food, we teach our pupils to become the best chefs…

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    Physical fitness is very important to us, we need to keep our students fit and…

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    Our work in industries, ranging from energy and utilities to telecom & automotive…

Our Mission is to Become The Best Co-educational  School  of choice.

Winwood College will provide pupils with every opportunity to achieve the high internalised discipline and enhance all their personal potentials. Winwood College aims to provide pupils with :

 The best possible educational facilities
 Every opportunity to achieve the highest internalized discipline and enhance all their
personal potentials in all areas of school life.
 Education at a competitive price.
 Having a realistic teacher / pupil ratio
 Professionalism

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Sports are an integral part of the school curriculum with year-end examinations to be set by…

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Clubs and society

We organize educational trips for our students so that they can learn outside of their usual learning environments….

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The flexibility and powerful simplicity of our curriculum is perfect for people with diverse family…

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Trips & Outings

We have many things happening at the school, from sporting events to cultural events, we have all of …

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