To be the excellent co-educational high school of choice through overall commitment to our ethos.


We are a leading provider of integrated educational solutions that address pupils’ desires to exploit every opportunity to achieve the highest international discipline and enhance their personal potentials. Winwood College is committed to giving you the best value for money, not only helping you to achieve your qualifications but to see tangible results in your chosen career.

We offer curriculum under the Cambridge and Zimbabwe Schools and Examinations examining Boards.

Extra mural activities

The authorities have shortlisted renowned personalities and artists to take care of the nonacademic, practical business and entrepreneurial oriented studies and activities of the school. This curricular are as follows :

b) Travel and Tourism

c) Agriculture

d) Arts and Heritage activities

e) Food and Nutrition

f) Fashion and Fabrics

To enroll your child, please write to with a note on which form you would like to enroll.