Welcome to Winwood Private College. The college is active on Facebook at@Winwood College, e-mail at info@winwood.co.zw and on Instagram @winwoodcollege. You will find information on Winwood College, exciting and  fun filled activities on our Winwood College pages.

Winwood College is a Private School with all the Hallmarks of an International school located in the heart of Old Windsor Park, Ruwa, Zimbabwe. The Visionary and Founder, the Late Mr O. D. Muponda found it necessary to establish this great institution in 2014 and first opened its  doors to students in January 2015. Mr Muponda realised that the demands of the 21st Century required a new approach to education to fully prepare and equip our children for college, University and future careers. He converted what people knew as Old Windsor Stadium to a stunning Private school known as Winwood College.

Winwood College  delivers Secondary and Advanced Education from Form 1 – 6, offering a variety curricular in Science sbjects, Commercial subjecta and Arts. Winwood College also enjoys successful recruitment of a strong diverse regional and national students group, bringing a rich cultural base to our programme of study. The staff recruited is qualified and very professional.

Support and expertise can be found through our learning and institute management system, e-learning and library information systems and curriculum accredited by the Ministry of Secondary Higher Education and the Cambridge Examination Board. Winwood College is a college of first choice for parents in Ruwa and Harare.

Winwood College

Mr A. Mujeni

(Winwood College Headmaster) 

Mr A Mujeni

Mr A Mujeni

Headmaster - Winwood College