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Winwood College was established in January 2015, where we deliver Secondary Education from Form 1 –
6, offering academic and non-academic subjects. Winwood College is a Private School with all the
Hallmarks of an International school located in the heart of Old Windsor Park, Ruwa, Zimbabwe.

The Visionary and Founder, the Late Mr O. D. Muponda found it necessary to establish this great institution in 2014. Mr Muponda realized that the demands of the 21st Century required a new approach to education to fully prepare and equip our children for college, University and future careers.

He converted what people knew as Old Windsor Stadium to a stunning Private school known as Winwood College. Winwood College also enjoys successful recruitment of a strong diverse regional and national students group, bringing a rich cultural base to our programme of study. Support and expertise can be found through our learning and institute management system, e-learning and library information systems and curriculum accredited by the Ministry of Secondary Higher Education.

The College sits on 100 hectares of land with classrooms and other infrastructure occupying 75%
of the total area. The main attraction to Winwood College is its Curriculum and State of the Art facilities
beautifully located on a huge piece of land with green fields in the centre.

Students learn in a magnificent child-friendly environment with lots of classroom space. The other attraction is the Study-Zone area, combined with a well-stocked Library. Students are able to study in a quiet and tranquil environment, which allows students to stay focused, feel inspired and be innovative.

All books are brand new and the latest editions are available in all subjects in the Library. Additional internet research is conducted in the Computer Lab, which has a range of brand new computers. ICDL (International Computer Drivers Licence) is part of the curriculum, and all students are required to do this computer subject. For students with a flare in Science, Winwood College has well equipped Science Laboratory where practicals are carried out in a safe and innovative environment. Other Labs include the Food and Nutrition Laboratories.

 There are 21 Classrooms
 State of the art Science Laboratories
 An Administration Block
 Library
 And staff room

Administration Block encompasses
 Reception area
 Boardroom
 Headmaster’s office
 School Secretary’s Office
 Bursar’s Office
 Proprietor’s Office
 Reclining room
 Kitchen,
 3 staff toilets
 Kitchen

At the South-end of the establishment, is a
 Uniform shop
 Tuck-shop / grocery shop and
 Football pitch
 Volleyball / Basketball/Netball (multipurpose court

Vision mission and values
Winwood College aspires to be the excellent co-educational high school of choice through
overall commitment to our ethos.

Winwood College will provide pupils with every opportunity to achieve the high internalised
discipline and enhance all their personal potentials.

Winwood College aims to provide pupils with :

 The best possible educational facilities
 Every opportunity to achieve the highest internalized discipline and enhance all their
personal potentials in all areas of school life.
 Education at a competitive price.
 Having a realistic teacher / pupil ratio
 Professionalism
 Using as broad an academic, practical cultural and sporting curriculum as possible.
 Maintaining traditional values in discipline and behaviour
 Having an involved, committed and contributing parent body
 Encouraging loyalty to Winwood, the family, the community and the nation

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